1. All participants will compete as female partners. Each person is responsible to obtain their own partner.
2. Once you send your and your partners contact information in to Sandee you are officially enrolled in that round of competition and are liable to pay your total entry fee.
2. The cost of participating is $5 per week per person for a total of $40. Money is due prior to the first week if possible. Special arrangements can be made if needed. Payment may be mailed to Sandee Spencer 1290 Northridge Drive Longwood FL 32750 or made through Paypal ( Venmo (Sandee Spencer) . NOTE: if you drop out before the competition is complete you still owe the full $40 entry fee. (which was due BEFORE we began but if you drop out and have not paid it is due immediately). 
3. At the end of the eight weeks, funds will be taken out of the pooled money for prizes.
4. I keep 10% of collected monies as compensation for running the competition and additionally I scholarship the entry fee of Gail Munck and give her a small stipend for helping us out (our techno guru).
5. If you join this competition, you are in it for eight weeks. If something major comes up, please let me know ASAP. Your partner can continue without you and will be eligible for an individual prize but it is harder to win a prize without the support of a partner. If you and your partner  both withdraw your full fee of $40 is due immediately if it has not been paid. 
6. Points are due every Wednesday by 5 PM Florida time. Please fill out the points report on Sandee's Fall Fitness Blog. Points submitted after 5 PM EST on Wednesday will not be included in weekly totals or weekly competition but will be included for the overall competitions if submitted in a timely manner.
6. This competition is for women only. Men lose weight way too quickly and easily for us to include them!


2 points/day for eating 5 servings of fruits or veggies daily OR 3 points/day if at least 3 of your 5 servings are vegetables.

1 point/day for getting 15 minutes of exercise or walking 2,500 steps, 2 points for 30 minutes of exercise or walking 5,000 steps, 3 points for 45 minutes of exercise or walking 7,500 steps, 5 points for an hour of exercise or 10,000 steps (yes that's a little bonus for doing a full hour).  These points are only available 6 days/week (taking one day off is GOOD for you!)

2 points/day for
 recording everything you eat on (even if you eat too much) PLUS an additional 3 points for a total of 5 points if you stay within your daily calorie range. The range will be determined as you set your goal for how many pounds you want to lose per week on the

5 points/day for not eating sweets. These points are only available 6 days/week leaving you one day to eat something sweet if you'd like. Use your sweets day for holidays and special occasions or just to treat yourself once a week. Treating yourself regularly helps avoid bingeing!

2 points/day for drinking at least 48 oz. of water daily.

5 points/week for maintaining your weight (staying the same). You do not earn points on weeks you gain weight. If you gain weight from your lowest point on this competition you will not be able to count your points for maintaining or count additional pounds for losing until you re- lose what you gained and get back to your original weight on this round of competition. 
Your weekly weight loss points will be earned  for percentage of body weight lost. To do this calculation go to  
Once you get the total of body weight lost for that week multiply by 10 to obtain a total. This total will be your points for weekly weight loss. Make sure and keep a personal record of each week's total so that you can continue to monitor what percentage of body weight you lose each week (Note you only get points for what you have lost between today and one week ago- NOT what you may have lost between today and the START of the competition)

Measurements need to be taken before we start and again at 4 weeks and one last time at the conclusion of the competition at 8 weeks. You will earn 5 points for each ½" you lose from your waist and 5 points for each 1/2 " you lose from your hips. You do not need to share your weight or measurements with anyone. We trust you to keep your own private record of progress.
Weekly Bonus Challenge -5 points/day - Special challenge for the week - these challenges will vary. Most challenges award a possible 5 points per day. Exercise challenges only award points 6 days a week so make sure and look for the total possible.