Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Challenge Week #6 STEP IT UP


Hello ladies! Hopefully you have gotten yourself in a good routine of healthy habits. You drink water, you eat lots of fruits and veggies, you exercise daily, you watch the portion sizes of your food etc.

And now I want to ask for a little bit more from your exercise. LET'S STEP IT UP! Our challenge this week is to make an extra effort in your daily exercise. If you've been walking, try running a minute every 5 or 10 minutes of , or slower reps, or increase the number of reps or the amount of weight. If you attend a class try to do a better job- lift your leg higher, hold it straighter etc. etc. ( If you need suggestions you might want to ask the teacher of the class) Or you may want to increase your effort with some quality stretching before or after your exercise. Or another idea to step it up is to totally change your efforts. If you have been just walking do some weight lifting or stretching, if you have just been lifting weights why not take a class? If you're getting bored with cario and gym classes take an afternoon and go for a bike ride or play some tennis. Let's just do something to break out of our exercise rut (though "rutty" exercise is better than laying on the couch)

Our bodies tend to adapt to whatever we put them through and consequently exercise that was taxing and difficult and a challenge can become easier and less affective in keeping us healthy. So let's change it up and do something different. Wish you could all come over and jump on my trampoline with me this evening!

So for every day you make some type of extra or different effort in exercise this next week you will earn the 5 bonus challenge points!

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