Sunday, October 30, 2011

November 2-9 Joy In Movement

I remember when my oldest son was a child. He would spend his days climbing trees, learning new skateboard tricks, jumping his bike off a home made ramp, chasing his brother, making up new dives to do off the diving board etc. etc. He loved physical activity so much he would literally cry when I made him come in the house for dinner.

That same son has grown into a man that gets his greatest peace from hours spent on his surfboard in the freezing California water. He recently took the red eye from California and after flying all night and landing early early in the morning wanted to know if he could borrow my car to head over to the beach to catch some waves. He honestly still says he wishes he could just take a "nutrition pill" every morning so he didn't have to slow down his life enough to fit in eating.

How about you? Were you a kid that craved movement? Did you hula hoop, roller skate, play tag, jump rope?

When did exercise become a chore you had to fit into your schedule to earn your daily points?

It was in the middle of belly dancing class at the gym with Gail Saturday that I had this sudden epiphany "This is fun!" Yes I was getting a bit of a work out, yes I looked like an idiot doing it (do not picture sultry and sexy, picture awkward and clumsy) but honestly I was just plain old enjoying myself.

So that is what brought me to this week's challenge. You can accomplish this by doing 10 minutes a day or by one hour long blissful experience or anything in between but to earn the 35 bonus points for the week you need to participate in 60 minutes of something physical that brings back that child-like love of movement. And it must be something out of your regular routine (ie: it cannot be something you have done in the last month). It must be something fun and something that puts a smile on your face. It must be something that makes you remember "I like having a body. I like being physical and doing fun things. This makes me smile, relieves my stress, and makes me want to laugh."

Choose what you will but here's some ideas:
Hula hoop
Jump rope
Ride a bike (with no hands??)
Play tag or dodgeball
Climb a tree
Water ski
Canoe or kayak
Snorkel or Scuba
Play kick ball
Hop skotch
Mountain hike or bike
Go bowling
Go ice or roller skating
Play tennis or racquet ball
Dance (ballroom, Zumba, Kinect, belly dancing or just put on oldies music and dance around the house)

Be cautious and careful (one of our group members broke her elbow just from standing on her son's skateboard for a minute) but really have some full out child like fun!

And if your local has already brought cold weather and low temperatures now might be the time to check out your local gym. Most gyms offer a day or week pass for free to check it out. Maybe you can find a fun dance class to join!

Have a great week!

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