Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's Get Started!

Welcome, Welcome to our Winter Wellness competition. Wowsers! I know we are going to have a great time.

Heres' what you need to do by early Wednesday morning to get started.
1. Take your measurements. For the competition we will only be tracking waist and hip measurement but go ahead and take them all so you can appreciate all of your progress!
2. Weigh in. It works best to weigh in on the same day (for this competition Wednesday) at the same time, wearing the same thing. Personally I even blow my nose thinking that will help!
3. Log onto myfitnesspal.com If you have not already done so go ahead and join. This is a free website that will be key in your journey to healthy living. You need to fill out the information under the following tabs: Goals, Check-in, Profile and Find members.
4. We are a big group but for our challenge this week I would like you to friend at least 6 other people in our competition from myfitnesspal.com You can find their e-mails in the header of e-mails I send the group. You request them as friends under find members
5. On our group website (Sandee's Winter Wellness) read EVERYTHING under the Rules Tab. I would like you to do this even if you have competed before. Contact me with any questions
6. Lastly each week we will have a challenge that you need to complete to earn the 35 bonus points for the week (5 points per day). To earn them this week you need to do all of the above plus you need to think of a different way each day (be creative) to encourage and remind your partner of their new commitment to health living.

Have a great week! Sandee

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