Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Contact, Remind, Encourage!

Your challenge for week #1 is to make some kind of positive contact with your healthy living challenge partner EVERY DAY and be creative about it. Yes you should contact her and she should also contact you—seeing each other in person or talking on the phone can count for both of you but other than that you should each be making at least one contact per day. I want you to become a strength and support to one another. Some ways you might make contact:

1. Send an upbeat and encouraging text or e-mail

2. Chat on the phone about your commitment to healthier living

3. Arrange to exercise together

4. Put a positive comment on her myfitnesspal.com wall

5. Say something encouraging on her facebook wall

6. Mail her something fun (you can count this the day you put it in the mail)

7. If you live near each other put a sticky note on her door, mailbox or windshield

8. Draw a message in chalk on her front walk

9. Find a healthy recipe and e-mail it to her.

10. E-mail an encouraging photo or cartoon

11. Loan her your favorite work out DVD

12. Meet for a healthy breakfast or lunch

13. Leave an upbeat voicemail on her cell phone

14. Have someone in her family put upbeat stickies from you on the bathroom mirror, the fridge door, the kitchen cupboards etc.

15. Make up a fight song or chant just for your duo

16. Make team t-shirts, soda cups, hats etc.

17. Plan a celebration for when you earn a certain # of points

18. The sky’s the limit- just make some kind of happy, creative, daily contact!!

For every day this week that you make positive comment with your partner you can claim the 5 daily bonus points-- 35 points if you remember all 7 days.

And don't forget to weigh and measure yourself tomorrow! Good luck- e-mail me with any questions!

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